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At QX Financial, we understand that your situation is unique and it should be approached that way. Everyone has different goals, objectives, and priorities. We make sure that our clients have a tailored, step-by-step plan that will get them to where they would like to go financially.


As independent advisors, we are not tied to one company. We researched mutual fund companies, insurance companies, as well as money managers so that we can provide you with the most up-to-date and relevant data that will help you make a better decision.


Execution is crucial. A well thought out plan without excellent execution does not help anyone. We are committed to helping you implement your plan so that you can achieve your ultimate objectives. Financial planning does not happen in a vacuum, because life throws complications our way. We can help you stay on track.

We work for you
by working with you.

Our Process

Goals and Objectives

What would you like to accomplish? What is important to you? A lot of our dreams can only be achieved with the right amount of financial resources. Let us partner in your success. You give us the destination, we will create the roadmap.

Wealth Transfers

Now we need to “find the money” in order to fund your goals and dreams. Most people do not realize how much money they waste via debt servicing, taxes, unnecessary fees, and other items. Our cash flow analysis help us find those opportunities so that you can start building your net worth without having to reduce your lifestyle.


Everything starts and ends with you. We have to protect your ability to earn an income as well as the assets that you have develop through the years. Our time is finite with a lot of risks around us. You and your ability earn an income needs to be protected.

Debt Reduction

The issue is not wether you have debt or not. The issue is, who gets to earn the interest. Most people pay interest rather than earn interest. Would you like to be able to borrow and earn interest at the same time? This is an important concept to learn.

Savings and Investing

Savings and investing are two different things but they feed off each other. Most people need to improve in one area or the other, sometimes both. Improving your ability to save and invest will yield the results we are looking for and give us the ability to achieve your goals. Wether is retirement, saving for college, or buying a home, putting your money “in the right place” is of utmost importance.


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