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QX Financial is redefining socially-responsible financial freedom. We educate and empower our clients to make better financial decisions, achieve financial security and control their own destiny.

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We believe that every person has the right to achieve financial freedom, security and independence.


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Find Your Course

A financial plan tailored to YOUR needs, not ours. We want to understand where you are, both financially and in life. Our goal is to make sure our recommendations are relevant to YOU.

Build Your Wealth

Implementation and execution are always difficult. We help you identify the financial landmines that may derail your money and prevent you from achieving the ultimate version of you.

Keep Learning

We will guide you on this journey. Our vast supply of tools, content, and resources is designed to continue empowering you.

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What we offer

At QX Financial we believe that your dreams are the blueprint of our partnership. Utilizing innovative yet time-proven investment and risk-management strategies, we help our clients achieve true financial independence and the freedom it provides.That is our version of the American Dream.


Your ability to earn an income is the most important asset you will ever own. Let’s make sure that you protect it.

Cash Flow Management

Are you losing money unknowingly and unnecessarily? We can find those wasted dollars and put them back to work for you.

Debt Management

There is good debt and bad debt. We help our clients discover ways to maximize good debt while eliminating bad debt.

Retirement Planning

Would you like to stop working for a paycheck some day and just do what you love? All it takes is a little planning with out help.

Investment Management

We have developed a myriad of strategies to help our clients achieve their investments goals. We tailor your portfolio to meet your needs and desires.

Legacy Planning

Would you like to build an everlasting legacy for your loved ones and your community without sacrificing your own financial security? We have the the tools that can help you find solutions to fulfill those goals.

Are You Ready To Go From Good To Great?

In the game of golf, the club is not what makes a player great. What makes the player great is the swing. Our skill set or “swing” is a tool that has enabled our clients to improve their ability to reach their financial goals.


Why QX Financial?

We believe that every person has the right to achieve financial freedom, security and independence.
Strategic Mindset
Financial success hinges on strategy rather than on a specific product. We provide our clients with ideas and concepts that are tailored to their specific goals and needs. Our cutting-edge approach and expertise keeps us ahead of the average financial advisors.
Cost Efficiency
We strive to help you put more of your money to work for your goals by minimizing fees and taxes as often as possible so we work with companies who are cost-efficient and have solid track records.
Digital Tools & Resources
By leveraging the latest technology and innovations available, we provide you with convenient and flexible access to your financial tools, accounts, and advisors.
Education & Empowerment
To help our clients thrive in a changing world, we provide valuable education and support that is relevant and timely so clients can adapt and be in control of their financial situation.
Because each client has different needs, we work with many different companies to find suitable financial strategies and solutions to fit those needs. Our access to a wide range of companies and service providers enables us to be independent and work for your best interests.
Goals-Oriented Financial Planning​
It all starts with your goals and dreams. Our mission is to help you fulfil them.


Financial guidance for a new generation.

We Follow Best Practices

Our team of financial professionals can help you get the right information so you can make the best decisions.

What Our Clients Say About Us


Satellites Engineer


Financial companies are always selling new hot thing and always pushing an agenda. But these guys always listened to me and did what they said they were going to do. That was enough for me.

Real Estate Agent


My old financial advisor always told me that achieving higher rate of return was always the goal. When I met the team at QX Financial I started to understand that, when it comes to a successful retirement, it is not about the rate of return but about the rate of withdrawal. I do not have to take more risk in order to have more income in retirement!

Current retiree


For me it was all about service. When you work with big companies, they never call you back or it takes forever to get something done. I love the fact that I can call, text, or email my advisor directly and I always hear back. That was important to me.

Attorney at Law


The team at QX Financial helped me understand the true cost of my student loans. Now I know that most young people become “debt-free and broke” when using traditional methods. I do not have to be one of them. I have found another way.